Weekend Edition – Finding the Place Where Your Writing Gets Interesting

Live to Write - Write to Live

Using Curiosity & Contradiction to Fuel Your Writing:

Follow your curiosity where it leads, to the edges of the reality you know, and beyond. Follow your curiosity where it leads, to the edges of the reality you know, and beyond.

This week, I had not one, but two, nuggets of writerly wisdom dropped into my lap. Even more fun, they were delivered in real time by real people via Twitter, of all places.

Just before lunch on Tuesday, the Grub Street Writing Center hit my inbox with an invitation to join a tweet chat happening that afternoon. For the uninitiated, a tweet chat is a coordinated group conversation that takes place on Twitter at a particular time. You can follow and participate in the conversation via the chat’s hashtag.  Anyway – long story short – I decided to attend the chat. (I was procrastinating on a deadline, so I thought – why not?)

Side Note: I have found that the easiest way to keep…

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Suraj is Philadelphia born, of Nigerian decent and resides in Atlanta, Ga where he attends school at Georgia State University. Currently enrolled in his senior year graduating with a B.A in Journalism with a concentration in telecommunications and a minor in Economics. He has a strong passion for uncovering the truth and tackling stories from fresh perspectives. There are many goals set in place for this young man such as: becoming a respected sports journalist, publishing investigative stories and also providing youthful, fun and most importantly accurate accounts on politics. Suraj is most passionate about his community and the impact that his work can do for the community. He is actively involved on the campus of Georgia State University as the Volunteer & Recruitment Chair for Student Philanthropy Council, of which he is a charter member. Suraj is currently employed as a tele counselor at GSU’s Welcome Center. Here he provides potential students with necessary information in regards to applications, scores required for acceptance and moreover represents the university in a positive light by being an ambassador for the the school.